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Exported vegetarian rice products of Binh Loan Vegetarian Food Private Enterprise (Cao Lanh City)

In August 2023, for the first time, Vietnam exported 5,000 vegetarian meals to the UK. This is considered pride after nearly 35 years of exporting rice. Even more proud when the unit conquers the market The most demanding in the world is Binh Loan Vegetarian Food Private Enterprise (Cao Lanh City).

Colors of pure Vietnamese meal culture

During the conversation with us, Mr. Thai Thanh Binh - business owner, repeatedly emphasized the phrase “vegetarian meal” as a point of pride. Because according to him, there is more than just plain rice. but also promotes the flavors and colors of pure Vietnamese meal culture. As a vegetarian for more than 20 years, Mr. Binh knows better than anyone else how to design a vegetarian meal with all the elements of plant protein. for vegetarians or those following a nutritious diet to have. Accordingly, the meal consists of 2 main parts: rice and food. But only rice has up to 7 ingredients including: brown rice, lotus seeds, and nuts. corn, beans, tofu, broccoli, carrots. Meanwhile, the food section is also very rich with dozens of dishes out of more than 30 vegetarian products that he can produce and process himself. This is not true. only helps consumers make the right choice for their taste, but can also refresh the taste such as: tofu with coconut water, stir-fried mushrooms with lemongrass and chili, tofu rolled with seaweed... On top of each portion rice, with a few slices of ripe red chili, a few green coriander stalks... creating a colorful highlight for the meal to enhance the emotions. More unique, with just a simple operation, the vegetarian rice tray can immediately turn into a standard meal of mom's cooking. Mr. Binh said that the meal is contained in a plastic tray produced by My Lan Group (Tra Vinh province), which can withstand heat above 1400C, so you only need to put it in the microwave for a few minutes to have a hot and delicious meal. enough colors, flavors and nutrients to make every Vietnamese person far from home feel warm in a foreign land.

Meal... million dollars

Binh Loan Enterprise's vegetarian rice tray exported to the UK is considered a proud event for Vietnam. Because this is the most demanding market in the world, requiring products to meet a series of requirements. strict requirements on food safety and hygiene from rice grains to vegetable protein dishes... Therefore, to have products that meet the requirements, Binh Loan Enterprise has created many new ways. “After many times Through testing, we have concluded a formula to inhibit adverse microorganisms in bean fermentation using heat solution and salt solution” - Mr. Binh shared. Thanks to the method of “saying no to chemicals”, more than 30 products Binh Loan's products are well received by vegetarian food establishments and many large supermarket chains in the country. Therefore, when included in meals, plant protein products meet strict technical standards of the Government. Importer. As a person who has been attached to Binh Loan Facility for a long time as an expert sponsor, Professor and Doctor Vo Tong Xuan called Binh Loan's vegetarian rice tray the quintessence of rice, so he suggested it and was accepted. Mr. Binh agreed, using the trade name Tinh Hoa rice to serve the domestic market in the coming time so that the product can stand firmly both in the “village pond” and the “big sea”.

In the immediate future, after being accepted into the foggy island nation, Binh Loan's 300gr vegetarian rice tray is sold for 1.5 pounds. This is considered a great economic victory compared to exporting “raw” rice like in the past. However, according to experts, this tray of rice is worth... millions of dollars. Because it is like a firecracker opening up a breakthrough in rice business thinking in a new context.

To improve the value of rice in a context where market competition is expected to become increasingly fierce, perhaps Vietnamese rice must start from small changes like that!

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