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Thinking outside the box to do better than what's good


Dr. Nguyen Thanh My is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of My Lan Group. He also holds the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors of RYNAN Holdings JSC. After more than 25 years of living and working in North America, Tien Scholar Nguyen Thanh My returned to his hometown of Tra Vinh in 2004 to establish My Lan Group.

This is the first high-tech company in the province. In addition, he is also the inventor and co-inventor of over 500 patents in the United States, Canada, China, Vietnam and many other countries At the age of “seventy years old”, Dr. Nguyen Thanh My still continues to innovate, start a business and contribute with the desire to improve revenue for farmers. And his passionate sharing will be shared. sent to you through a conversation with host Quoc Khanh in the latest episode of The Quoc Khanh Show.

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Dr. Thanh My Nguyen


As the founder and President of RYNAN Technologies (Vietnam), Dr. Nguyen Thanh My has over 30 years of successful start-ups with many patents around the world.