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WE NEED TO Recruit collaborators


Target: Male/Female aged 18-26 years old.

Number of recruitment: 06-08 collaborators.

Healthy enough to work, using a smartphone.

Good-looking appearance, good communication skills, cheerful personality, quick and careful can detect machine problems during equipment operation.


  • Distributing leaflets
  • Standing at the location of the machine, cleaning and sanitizing the machine, reporting the machine's status during working time.
  • Product introduction and customer survey.
  • Perform animation programs and related jobs when required by management.

Working time:

  • 05 hours/day from Monday to Friday.
  • 07 hours/day from Saturday to Sunday.
  • Location of work: The scope of Tra Vinh province or the location depending on the needs of the work to be collaborated.

Priority is given to candidates who have just graduated from high school and 1st and 2nd year students of all professions.

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Dr. Thanh My Nguyen


As the founder and President of RYNAN Technologies (Vietnam), Dr. Nguyen Thanh My has over 30 years of successful start-ups with many patents around the world.